Fitneff™ Tackles Sedentary Lifestyles with The WalkTop™ Treadmill Desk

by Devon Bolton February 03, 2015

News Release
Fitneff™ Tackles Sedentary Lifestyles with The WalkTop™ Treadmill Desk 

WalkTop™ designed to fit treadmills and boost physical activity,
productivity, and combat “sitting disease

TORONTO, January 28, 2015 – With the health risks of physical inactivity being linked to an increase of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer, it is no wonder the effects of sitting have been compared to that of smoking. In an effort to combat these health risks, Canadian based Fitneff™ has introduced the WalkTop™ Treadmill Desk to make it easier and more affordable to reduce the detrimental health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle or “sitting disease.”

The WalkTop™ Treadmill Desk is stylish, light and compact -- designed specifically to attach onto the majority of popular treadmills currently on the market. The WalkTop™ is conveniently delivered fully assembled and can be installed in minutes and adjusts effortlessly to individual height requirements so users can position and reposition the desk for optimal ergonomics and comfort. 

“The WalkTop™ fills a global market niche for those interested in an attachable treadmill desk. Our customers are seeking a simple solution to transform their existing treadmill,” says Laurel Walzak, COO and Co-Founder of Fitneff™. “Our treadmill desk attachment is aesthetically designed and engineered and customizable.”

‘Sitting disease’ refers to more than just the occupational hazards of repetitive stress injuries from being on your computer all day. It refers to the physical inactivity linked to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Likewise sitting disease can be linked to decreased energy and mental concentration, back and shoulder strain, and even spinal disk damage.

“Sitting for long periods of time is most strongly associated with cardio metabolic conditions such as heart disease, hypertension and type II diabetes. While there are strong genetic predispositions to these conditions, simply changing one’s lifestyle can be extremely effective at reducing risk,” says Shilpa Dogra PhD, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology, University of Ontario Institute of Technology. “Statistics Canada indicates Canadians spend 69 per cent of their waking hours in sedentary activities. This needs to change.”

The WalkTop’s™ clear desktop allows users to view all the controls on their treadmill, while providing a stable surface that can be set on an incline or laid flat. The WalkTop™ can be customized to remove workplace clutter with a range of planned accessories such as a lamp, cup holder, and laptop shelves. Best of all, the WalkTop™ can be easily removed from your treadmill when you want to exercise, weighing in at approximately 25 pounds, and can be easily stored in your home or office.

“We came up with the idea of the WalkTop™ while enrolled in our MBA program. We found we were sitting more than 10 hours a day and had the need to move around-but also wanted to maintain our work efficiency at the same time,” says Ron Bettin, Founder and President at Fitneff™. “The perfect solution was a treadmill desk. I started to use the desk in my home-based office and saw firsthand the many benefits: an increase in my mental agility, better circulation in my legs, and a greater attention span. Overall I felt healthier and more productive.”

Currently, the WalkTop™ is only available in Canada and the U.S.  The suggested retail price is $479.00 CAD and $439.00 U.S. plus taxes and shipping. To learn more about the WalkTop™, visit (CAD) (U.S.).

About Fitneff™ Inc. 

Based in Calgary and Toronto, Fitneff™ Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company with global reach established in December 2013. Co-Founded by Ron Bettin, Devon Bolton and Laurel Walzak, Fitneff™ is dedicated to innovative products and solutions that help busy people make their productive time more active, both at work and at home. Fitneff™ Inc. operates under the brand name Fitneff™, which is derived from FITNESS and EFFICIENCY.


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