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5 New Features of the Stand2Learn Classroom Desks

by Rachel Piers February 07, 2019

Incorporating standing desks into your classroom has been proven to have many health and learning benefits. According to a study done by the Ergonomics Center at Texas A&M, standing desks can increase engagement in the classroom by up to 15 per cent. That’s pretty substantial! 

Since we know the value that classroom standing desks bring, we recently added Varidesk Education’s newly designed line of Stand2Learn desks that you’ve come to know and love. This product makeover adds several new features that make classroom engagement, collaboration and health even easier than before.  


Angled Desktop 

The new desks have a slightly angled work surface for easier use for students. This reduces eye strain and neck strain, as their homework will be at a more comfortable angle to read and write. This greater ergonomic design is sure to provide greater comfort for students over longer periods of time so that they can focus on their work throughout the day. 


Dual-Level Footrest 

Varidesk Education has designed the new Stand2Learn desk line with a dual level footrest. This means that there are two options for every student to choose to rest their feet, giving greater comfort for a wider range of student heights. A well-designed footrest can allow for a more ergonomic stance, as well as reduce tension from your feet while standing. With multiple options in a footrest, students can shift their weight throughout the day, integrating more movement into their routine. 

dual level footrest classroom standing desk Fitneff Canada 

Dry-Erase Surface 

Looking for ways to increase collaboration in your class? These standing desks are your answer! Their laminate surface is sealed with a special finish to create a dry-erase desktop. Students can then write directly on their desk to share notes, create collaborative diagrams or illustrate concepts with their peers. Furthermore, students can freely write on their desk surface without worry of damaging or defacing the desks; the dry-erase markers wipe off easily with the simple use of a tissue.  

varidesk education standing classroom desk Fitneff Canada


Pencil Groove and Bag Hook 

Designed with students in mind, these Varidesk units have several features to make classroom life easier and more organized. The work surface has a convenient pencil groove located at the top to keep writing utensils conveniently in reach. The groove also prevents any pencils or pens from rolling away down the angled desktop. Each desk also features a convenient bag hook located on the side, so students can keep their backpacks nearby in an organized, neat fashion.  

varidesk education standing Classroom desk Fitneff Canada


Variety of Sizes 

Varidesk Education has kept with the original Stand2Learn line in terms of offering several different desk sizes. This is a great continuance of the old design, as it allows for greater accommodation of different student ages and heights. The variants available include a size for grades kindergarten through five and for grades five through 12, both of which also offer some height adjustability within themselves. The desks also come in either single or double styles to accommodate either one or two students at a time, depending on your classroom needs. 


Whatever your classroom set-up, Fitneff and Varidesk Education have a desk that can improve the learning environment through greater focus, greater engagement and greater health. Try one out today! Contact shop@fitneff.ca for a custom quote for your school, or shop now directly online.

Rachel Piers
Rachel Piers


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