Gord Gilles on WalkTop Treadmill Desk at News Talk 770

Fitneff Live on News Talk 770

by ron B September 25, 2017

Fitneff "Integrates Movement" into the News Talk 770 Studio

Have you ever wondered if you could walk and work?   How about doing a live broadcast while walking on a treadmill?  That’s what Gord Gilles, morning host of News Talk 770 did last Friday morning!

Fitneff supplied the crew of News Talk 770 with a WalkTop Treadmill Desk, DT1 Laptop Desk, DT2 Sit-Stand Desk and Elliptical Desk Pedals to use on the air for the morning show.   It was an exciting time in the typically sedentary studio with the on-air personalities trying out the products. 

WalkTop Treadmill Desk being used by Gord Gilles of News Talk 770

Gord Gilles walking over 6,000 steps using the WalkTop Treadmill Desk

Founder, Ron Bettin, Interviewed on-air

Ron Bettin, the Cofounder, was interviewed on-air with Gord and discussed the Fitneff Story and answered questions about integrating movement into your life.  Some of the topics they discussed were:

How fast should you walk and work?  It is not about walking fast; it is about integrating movement into your everyday life.  It’s about “not sitting all the time.”

What other products can you use to integrate movement into your day? Sit-stand desks and desk pedals are other solutions that encourage movement.

How long should you walk or stand?  Integrating movement means not doing the same thing all day for extended periods of time.  Just like you shouldn’t sit all day, you shouldn’t walk or stand all day either.

Where do you sell your products?  All of Fitneff's solutions are sold across Canada online at www.fitneff.ca  or by contacting us at 1-888-632-3220.

What about children who must sit all day in the classroom?  Teachers and parents are recognizing forcing children to sit all day is not good for the children’s health and the teaching environment in the classroom. Fitneff now has Classroom Standing Desks that have been a great solution to schools across Canada.

What if my office is too small for a treadmill desk?  Most offices do not have room for a treadmill, but an open space or large room is a great place to be set-up as an “active meeting room.”  Schedule to have a walking meeting or use a stand-up conference table for meetings that keep everyone active and engaged.

Can this be adapted for seniors?  The Fitneff products are not high impact so can be used by any seniors.  A favorite product is the Elliptical Desk Pedals that can be used sitting down to get blood circulation in the legs.

What solution is best for a radio show?

The Elliptical Desk Pedals were a hit!  Just like our customers who are looking to bring movement into a small space like an office or condo, Betty Joe loved how she could use them in the studio.  They were so popular that Q107 hosts, Sarah from the “Jeff and Sarah Morning Show” and Tarzan Dan of the afternoon show “borrowed” them for their studio… they are still there!

If integrating movement into a radio studio can work at News Talk 770 then you should try it too!

ron B
ron B


Ron Bettin is the President of Fitneff and inventor of the WalkTop Treadmill Desk. Ron's inspiration to integrate movement into daily life comes from his experience recovering from an accident that resulted in a serious spinal injury and broken limbs. He is now "walking the talk" and turned his life experience into a successful company that is helping provide solutions for work, school, home and on-the-go.

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