Five Active Chairs that are Better Than an Exercise Ball Fitneff Canada

Five Active Chairs that are Better Than an Exercise Ball

by Rachel Piers January 17, 2019

You’ve probably all known someone who bought into the trend of using an exercise ball as a desk chair. They’re relatively inexpensive, they come in all kinds of colours, and they supposedly workout your core muscles throughout the entire day all while sitting. What’s not to love, right? 

Well, it turns out quite a few things! While an exercise ball might seem like a good idea as an office chair, there are several large concerns that you should be aware of before making a decision to purchase.


The Problem with Exercise Balls as Office Chairs

First, an exercise ball actually doesn’t provide a lot of support for your back, which ends up making it rather uncomfortable for long-term use. Your back will likely end up getting sore and you will simply revert to the same slumped posture that you used before.

Second, while you might think constant core muscle contractions is a good thing for building strength, working those muscles all day long actually isn’t good for you. It ends up being too much for your body and, again, just gets uncomfortable.

An exercise ball is also not adjustable in any way for different types of users. Whether you’re tall or short, exercise balls are not very accommodating to different heights and cannot adjust to different desk heights either.

From a solely practical standpoint, who wants a chair that will roll away on you the moment you stand up? Plus, because of the unstable nature of these “chairs,” it can be hazardous for employees when standing, shifting positions or sitting down; there is much more potential for falls with an unstable exercise ball than there is with an ergonomically designed desk chair.


Alternatives to Exercise Balls

Speaking of ergonomically designed desk chairs, we have tons! There are several better options than an exercise ball that will actually strengthen your core, improve posture and encourage movement while still being highly comfortable. Take a look at our top five choices of active chairs that are better than an exercise ball.



The CoreChair is the ultimate office chair that provides the ultimate comfort. With a specially-designed seat cushion and a lumbar-supportive backrest, this active chair helps to put your spine in a naturally healthy position, further supporting positive posture. The chair also has a unique mechanism that can be turned on and off allowing purposeful movement in the seat that actually mimics an exercise ball. In other words, you get the positive benefits that an exercise ball is known for giving (core strength) without have to worry about a lack of support or comfort.

CoreChair office chair Fitneff Canada 

Twixt Active Stool

The Twixt Active Stool is a cost-effective solution that can fit in any office setting. It is height-adjustable and can swivel 360 degrees, making it suitable for a wide variety of users and a wide variety of desk types. Furthermore, the rounded base allows for greater leaning capabilities, which engages your core and allows you to integrate more movement into your workflow.

Twixt active stool Fitneff Canada

Focal Mobis I and II Seats

The Focal Mobis Seat and the Focal Mobis II Seat both have similar designs that allow you to balance and lean. Like the exercise ball, these active seats put your body in a position that engages core muscles and strengthens your abs. Unlike the exercise ball, they give greater stability that won’t prove hazardous for your office space and have contoured seats that provide more comfort for your backside.

Focal Mobis Seat Active leaning chair Fitneff Canada 

Zenergy Ball Chair

If you’re still feeling hung up on the idea of an exercise ball, this is the chair for you! The Zenergy Ball Chair is basically a smaller exercise ball encased within a fabric covering and given legs. It is also a lot firmer than a traditional exercise ball, which gives it extra support for your back. With a wide variety of colours to choose from, this stylish ball chair will keep you actively engaged without rolling away.

Zenergy Ball Chair Fitneff Canada

Varier Variable Balans

If you’re looking for something chic AND active, the Varier Variable Balans is an excellent choice. This kneeling chair is designed to put your spine in a naturally upright position as if you were standing, perfectly in line with your hips. This promotes positive posture and gives greater comfort for longer periods of time. Plus, the rocking design lets you move and engage your core muscles whenever you want!

varier variable balans Fitneff Canada

And that’s five active chairs that are better than an exercise ball! Forget that uncomfortable piece of rubber and give your body what it deserves.

Rachel Piers
Rachel Piers


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