Five New Arrivals you Won't Want to Miss Fitneff Canada

Five New Arrivals you Won't Want to Miss

by Rachel Piers March 14, 2019

Well, we’ve just about made it into spring. Spring truly is one of our favourite seasons, filled with new life, fresh air and the promise of warm weather to return again soon.

With new beginnings being such a prominent theme this time of year, we thought we’d bring some of that to today’s blog – by talking about new products of course! We’ve been working hard to add new offerings every month, and you can always browse any of these options in our new arrivals collection.

That said, for today’s blog we have five specific products to share with you that we’re pretty excited about. Whether you’re looking for a sleek new standing desk or a dynamic footrest to add to your setup, look no further.


Safco Height-Adjustable Split-Level Drafting Table

If your work requires you to do drafting or illustrations, or if you like doing those kinds of activities leisurely, this is the desk for you! It’s so exciting to see a desk that is specially tailored for a specific industry AND still takes health and wellness into consideration. With two levels that are separately height-adjustable and a section with the ability to tilt up to 50 degrees, this drafting table has it all. Of course, all sections can also be laid flat and aligned to provide you with one larger area to work on. All in all, it’s a stylish design made specifically with drafting function in mind. 

Safco Height-Adjustable Split Level Drafting Table Fitneff Canada


Safco Dynamic Footrest with Swing Bar

Looking to add more movement to your day but not sure if you want to invest in a full sit-stand desk setup? The Dynamic Footrest by Safco is an excellent option to start you off in the right direction. The built-in swing bar allows dynamic movement (hence the name!) so that your legs can get in some extra motion during your day, whether standing or sitting. Plus, using this footrest can relieve some pressure from your feet, as well as provide ankle support and promote better circulation. What’s not to love?

Safco Dynamic Footrest with Swing Bar Fitneff Canada


Safco Scoot Shift Standing-Height Desk with Rotating Work Surface

While the name may be a mouthful, this standing desk’s design is simple, sleek and functional. It has three separate levels with nesting capabilities to save space in smaller areas. The built-in shelving unit near your feet also provides extra storage for any computer hardware or additional office supplies. That said, the middle level of the desk can swing out on rolling casters anytime you would like more leg room or desk space, or just a more dynamic work flow. By encouraging standing and allowing you to switch positions throughout the day depending on the desk level in use, this unit will get you moving in no time.

Safco Scoot™ Shift Standing-Height Desk with Rotating Work Surface Fitneff Canada 

Ergotron WorkFit-TX Standing Desk Converter

We’re big fans of this desk over here at the Fitneff office! First of all, it comes fully assembled right out of the box so that you don’t have to worry about any kind of set-up. More importantly than that though, it has an ultra-low design that lowers right down to your existing worksurface, as well as a suspending keyboard that can tilt according to your needs. All of these features combine to bring you the most ergonomic comfort throughout your day, no matter who you are. With simple height-adjustability and an expansive desktop, this sit-stand desk could transform your working experience (while getting you healthier too!).

Ergotron WorkFit-TX Standing Desk Converter Fitneff Canada

Safco Mood Standing Height Desk with Rotating Work Surface

Okay, so maybe you liked the Safco Scoot desk from above, but wanted something with that little bit more sophistication in style. You’ve come to the right place! The Mood Standing-Height Desk has all of the same features in design (like nesting capabilities and a rotating worksurface), but it also has a chic grey woodgrain and additional shelving space. Plus, the unique ‘S’ shape of the desk is eye catching and can match the upscale décor of any home or work office. Stand in style!

Safco Mood™ Standing Height Desk with Rotating Work Surface Fitneff Canada

Happy shopping everyone!

Rachel Piers
Rachel Piers


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