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The SheEO Spotlight Series

The SheEO Spotlight Series

From The SheEO Spotlight Series:  As for your relationship with SheEO, why are you are a member of the SheEO community?

SheEO is a movement that matters to me. I feel a sense of belonging to its community, and where I can meaningfully contribute to the organization. I am particularly inspired by Vicki Saunders, and absolutely support her and her endeavors, as well as those that join in the SheEO movement with her. I’m quite excited to see how SheEO will continue to grow globally and so that by 2020 we will have raised $1 billion for the organization. I like being a part of something different, and I also like sharing that bold outlook with strong women!

June 07, 2016 — Laurel Walzak
Treadmill Desks (aka Walking Workstations) Research Links

Treadmill Desks (aka Walking Workstations) Research Links

Fitneff Inc.  Treadmill Desks Research and Articles for Review.

April 26, 2016 — Laurel Walzak
Fitneff in the National News

Fitneff in the National News

Get up, stand up and move around at work by Leah Eichler at Globe and Mail, Report on Business, April 8, 2016, click link below to read full article.


April 18, 2016 — Laurel Walzak

Fitneff Inc. New Hire Announcement - Heather Lielmanis

New Hire:  Heather Lielmanis, Regional Vice President Fitneff Inc.  Heather will be encouraging Canadian businesses to incorporate Fitneff products into the workplace, enabling employees to maintain productivity while walking or standing. Please join us in welcoming Heather to our team!
September 28, 2015 — Laurel Walzak

Fitneff Featured in Globe and Mail Article on Sitting Disease


Most of my days start with sitting in front of a computer, even before I sit down for breakfast. I may walk to the subway, where I sit on the train, before sitting again in series of meetings. I remember the day, 15 years ago, when I quit smoking and congratulated myself on how the decision would not only improve my health, but my productivity too, since I no longer had a reason to get up from my desk. I feel as though I’ve been sitting ever since.

February 03, 2015 — Devon Bolton