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Why You Should Invest in a Healthy Back

by Rachel Piers June 21, 2018

Anyone who has ever had back problems knows the true value of proper back health. Chronic back pain is one of those things that I wouldn’t wish on anyone; it is a constant ache, never leaving you and genuinely lowering your overall quality of life. Our CEO and President, Ron Bettin, suffered from a severe spinal injury in 2011 that resulted in years of rehabilitation, so he knows firsthand what real back pain is like.

But it often isn’t until we’ve experienced this kind of pain ourselves that we start paying attention to our back health and ways to improve it. We should not put our back health on the back-burner, but instead recognize the true importance of proper spinal care and what we can do to prevent experiencing chronic pain in the first place.


Why It’s Important to Maintain a Healthy Back

As office workers, we spend an average of at least nine waking hours sitting down every single day; this puts an incredible amount of strain on the back and neck if we’re not careful. For those of us who don’t know, here are just a few of the many reasons why we should be more careful and why back health and good posture are important:


  • Improves Balance: According to Harvard Health, proper posture can help to improve your balance. When your spine is straight and your head is properly stacked above it, the centre of your weight is directly above your feet, thus giving you better balance. This can aid in improved performance in sports as well as typical everyday tasks.
  • Improves Circulation: When you engage in proper posture, this ensures that everything in your body is where it should be and nothing is squished or closed off due to slouching. By standing up straight, your circulation can flow more freely as pathways open up.
  • Improves Digestive System Health: Similar to circulation, slouching can sometimes squish organs related to digestion more than they should be. This just makes it more difficult for things to move along; when you sit up straight, this opens up the pathways and allows digestion to continue smoothly.
  • Supports your Neck and Head: Your spine supports your neck and head, two of the most important parts of your body. By keeping the spine strong and engaging in good posture, you ensure that your nervous system is properly protected.
  • Strengthens Core Muscles: Last but not least, proper posture strengthens core muscles. Your spine is connected to a ton of important muscles in your core, and by sitting up straight you engage those muscles to do what they should. The more we use a muscle, the stronger it will become.

 Back health, spine health, Fitneff Canada

How We Can Maintain a Healthy Back

So now that we know why back health is important, what can we do to actually improve it before we experience back pain? You guessed it: active seating solutions, regular movement and ergonomic workstations!


Active Seating Solutions

Here at Fitneff, we have many seating solutions that support positive posture and engage your core. For example, the Varier Variable balans chair supports a kneeling position rather than a traditional sitting stance. This tilts your pelvis forward and relieves tension on the spine that is so common with prolonged periods of sitting. Other active seating solutions with similar benefits include the CoreChair, Gravity balans, Focal Locus Seat and Focal Mobis Seat.

Varier Variable balans by Fitneff Canada 

Ergonomic Workstations

Ensuring that your workspace is ergonomically set-up to meet your needs is another important way to improve back and neck health, particularly for those of us who are at a desk for long hours of the day (myself included). Make sure your monitor and keyboard are both at the correct height so that you don’t need to be constantly looking down at your screen. This can be accomplished with monitor mounts, suspended keyboards or height-adjustable sit-stand desks that incorporate both.

 WorkFit-LX Sit-Stand Desk Mount System from Fitneff Canada

Get Moving

All in all, regular movement and exercise are vital to ensuring a healthy back. By making movement a priority, you strengthen core muscles and surrounding joints that will in turn support your spine and promote good posture. So, the moral of the story is take a break from that desk, make a conscious effort to keep moving and make back health a priority before the back pain sets in!

Rachel Piers
Rachel Piers


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