6 Tips to Create a Culture of Wellness at Work Fitneff Canada

6 Tips to Create a Culture of Wellness at Work

It is widely known that incorporating wellness practices into your workplace can not only lead to happier and healthier employees, but also more productive employees. This is because when people are healthier, they need fewer sick days and are better able to focus on work while they’re in the office, rather than feeling ill or having chronic aches and pains. All in all, employees feel better and the company saves money. Makes sense, right?

Okay, this information is all well and good (pun intended), but how does a company actually create a culture of wellness at work? What are some practical tips that an organization can implement in order to make wellness a clear priority? To help you get started down the right path, we’ve put together six tips to help you integrate wellness into the workplace today.

April 18, 2019 — Rachel Piers
5 Leisure Activities that You Can Make More Active Fitneff Canada

5 Leisure Activities that You Can Make More Active

What are some of the things that you do to unwind at the end of the day? For many of us, leisure activities like reading or watching a favourite Netflix show spring to mind. You’ve been at the office all day, your brain is feeling tired and you just want to do something relatively mindless to relax. We get it!

The problem here is not with the activities themselves, but there is a problem with the sedentary behaviour that they promote. If you’ve been sitting all day at your desk at work only to come home and sit some more in the evening, those sedentary hours can add up quickly and make a big difference in your overall health.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks on how to make some of these leisure activities more movement-friendly. This way, when you’re feeling like you need some downtime with one of these pastimes, you can do so guilt-free.

April 11, 2019 — Rachel Piers
Self-Care Exercises for Every Day of the Week Fitneff Canada

Self-Care Exercises for Every Day of the Week

#SelfCareSunday has definitely become a trending sensation on Instagram in recent years, with people all over the Internet posting about spa days and special treatments come the weekend. But who says self-care has to be a massive undertaking, and who says it should happen only one day a week?

Here at Fitneff, we think self-care is important every day of the week. So, for this week’s blog we thought we would put together a weekly schedule of self-care practices that you can do to make sure you’re giving yourself what you need to be at your best. But self-care shouldn’t just be written about – it should be done! So I, your friendly Fitneff marketing coordinator, decided to put the schedule to work last week and I’ll share with you my experience with each activity. 

April 04, 2019 — Rachel Piers
Everything You Need to Know About Pedal Desks Fitneff Canada

Everything You Need to Know About Pedal Desks

Have you ever been sitting at your desk at work or school for too long and felt your legs start to get restless and fidgety? I know I have! Your legs were meant to move, and sitting for long periods of time can restrict important circulation to your lower extremities. If your legs start to feel restless, it’s probably because those muscles are begging for a little movement break. But how can you do that when there’s so much work to be done and you can’t step away from your desk?

That’s where pedal desks come in! Pedal desks are an awesome active desk option to get those legs moving more regularly throughout your day. Read on and learn everything you need to know about pedal desks and how they could improve your sedentary lifestyle!

March 28, 2019 — Rachel Piers
Five New Arrivals you Won't Want to Miss Fitneff Canada

Five New Arrivals you Won't Want to Miss

Well, we’ve just about made it into spring. Spring truly is one of our favourite seasons, filled with new life, fresh air and the promise of warm weather to return again soon.

With new beginnings being such a prominent theme this time of year, we thought we’d bring some of that to today’s blog – by talking about new products of course! We’ve been working hard to add new offerings every month, and today we have five specific products to share with you that we’re pretty excited about. Whether you’re looking for a sleek new standing desk or a dynamic footrest to add to your setup, look no further.

March 14, 2019 — Rachel Piers
Five Inspiring Canadian Women: International Women's Day 2019 Fitneff Canada

Five Inspiring Canadian Women: International Women's Day 2019

Tomorrow is once again International Women’s Day, and that means it’s time to highlight some pretty inspiring women! Canada has so many remarkable female figures that have accomplished incredible things. These women deserve appreciation all year round, but given the occasion tomorrow, we thought we would take special care to give them some extra love today. Here’s five inspiring women in Canada that have done amazing things in health, wellness and humanitarianism.
March 07, 2019 — Rachel Piers
The Importance of Mental Health in the Workplace Fitneff Canada

The Importance of Mental Health in the Workplace

Did you know that according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, one in five Canadians will experience mental health issues in any given year? That’s a solid 20 per cent of people living in our country, which is pretty significant.

Last month, the #BellLetsTalk campaign ran once again to raise awareness for mental health and to work towards ending the stigma surrounding these illnesses. This has been a hugely successful campaign over the past few years, and we thought that we would continue the conversation about the importance of mental health too. Just because January is over doesn’t mean we have to quit talking about it! Here we share some fast facts about mental health and some tips to make your office more mental-health friendly.

February 28, 2019 — Rachel Piers
Making Movement a Priority from the Start: Fitneff Facilitates Donation from KidsFit

Making Movement a Priority from the Start: Fitneff Facilitates Donation from KidsFit

Here at Fitneff, we’re proud to have developed meaningful relationships with a wide variety of suppliers that are also trying to integrate more movement into the daily lives of North Americans. KidsFit is one such supplier! They design and create kinesthetic classroom furniture to help get kids moving at a younger age, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with them for quite some time now.

Late last year, we had the opportunity to help facilitate a donation of one of KidsFit’s pieces, the Fully Recumbent Junior Bike, to the Steadward Centre in Edmonton. We recently caught up with Scott Forrester, a manager at the Steadward Centre, to tell us a little bit more about the programs that they offer and how this bike will make a difference moving forward.

February 21, 2019 — Rachel Piers
5 Practical Heart-Health Tips to Keep Your Ticker Ticking Fitneff Canada

5 Practical Ways to Put Heart Health First

Given the heart-shaped theme of the Valentine's Day, we thought we’d put a healthy twist on the occasion and talk about heart health! According to the Government of Canada, 1 in 12 Canadian adults will be diagnosed with some form of heart disease - that’s pretty significant. Heart health is one of those things that we all know is important, but to actually commit to it, to actually make the lifestyle changes that are necessary is a whole other ball game. With that in mind, we’ve put together five practical tips on how to be more heart healthy, so that this Valentine’s Day your heart can be in great emotional AND physical health!

February 14, 2019 — Rachel Piers
5 New Features of the Stand2Learn Classroom Desks Varidesk education Fitneff Canada

5 New Features of the Stand2Learn Classroom Desks

Incorporating standing desks into your classroom has been proven to have many health and learning benefits. According to a study done by the Ergonomics Center at Texas A&M, standing desks can increase engagement in the classroom by up to 15 per cent. That’s pretty substantial! 

Since we know the value that classroom standing desks bring, last year we added Varidesk Education’s newly designed line of Stand2Learn desks that you’ve come to know and love. This product makeover adds several new features that make classroom engagement, collaboration and health even easier than before. Check them out here!

February 07, 2019 — Rachel Piers