The Beam - Your Back's Best Friend

About The Beam

The Beam™ will help you relieve back tension in less than 10 minutes by doing 4 easy exercises. It was designed for people suffering from back pain, regardless of skill level. The Beam™ helps to keep your back in alignment when doing simple stretching. Use The Beam™ on the floor, chair, bed or against a wall at home or at work. The better you align your back, the better you'll feel all day.

The Beam comes in two densities.

The original Beam is made from a more dense foam and the Gentle version has a softer feel.
How do you know which Beam to choose? If you like a deep tissue massage or are athletic, the original Beam is for you. If you prefer a softer touch or have a sensitive or tender back, you should try the all new Gentle Beam. No matter which Beam you choose, 10 minutes a day will help you achieve a nimble back.


Dimensions: 39 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
Colour: Black
Latex Free, waterproof, sweat resistant. Made from a soft foam/rubber compound. Flexible and bendable.


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