Thatsit™ balans®

$2,129.99 CAD

Brand Varier

The Thatsit™ balans® kneeling chair by Varier adds greater variation into your daily sitting routine. With the dynamic design, you can place your knees on, in front of, between or beside the shin pads to find the positioning that is most comfortable for you. The angled seat tilts your pelvis forward, releasing tension from the spine and promoting positive posture for prolonged periods of sitting. This ergonomic kneeling chair is the perfect complement to any home or office setting. 


  • Promotes regular movement and position changes throughout the day with a wide variety of seating options 
  • Stimulates muscles and core strength to help combat risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle 
  • Releases tension from the back and shoulders 
  • Encourages an open angle between thigh and torso, making it easier to breath and increasing circulation 
  • Rounded base to allow for smooth rocking motion 
  • Tilted seat to keep the spine in an upright position and the body in balance 
  • Fully supportive backrest 
  • Colours: Natural base, Black fabric (More colours available upon custom order. Contact us at for more information) 
  • Dimensions: 32" x 21" x 7.5" 
  • Weight: 30 lbs.  

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