Aidata Cable Management System

The Aidata Cable Tube accessory is a simple and cost-effective means of managing exposed computer cables and routing them efficiently and neatly. The kit includes over six feet (77.6") of durable reusable polypropylene cable tubing. The included cord adapter lets you quickly gather cords together and within a couple of minutes have them neatly contained in the flexible cable tube. The cable tube housing can also be easily removed if you need to access cabling and then just as easily be reinstalled. Both installation and removal can be done while cords are connected. If desired, you can also arrange to have some cords exit at different locations along the tube, further reducing the exposure of cables connected to various peripheral devices. This is a perfect accessory for controlling cabling with height adjustable desks or desktop sit-stand solutions. The cable tubing can also be easily cut to length as needed or combined with additional kits where greater length is required.

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