TrippLite Sit-Stand Electric Desk

For those who love staying active in the workplace. The Tripp Lite Standing Desk provides an excellent way to bring fitness to your life, whether at home or in your office!


  • The electric motor in the desk raises and lowers the table top quickly and easily so there's no need to worry about strenuous lifting and lowering!
  • The desk height smoothly adjusts from 60 to 124.5 Centimeters, accommodating both standing and sitting positions to perfectly customize your work space.
  • A handset underneath the table allows seamless control over the desk height and displays the current desk height with a digital screen.
  • This Sit-Stand Desk gives you the ability to create four preset heights for your convenience, making it easy to instantly adjust to the perfect height for you, as well as the coworkers who share your work space.
  • The Tripp Lite Sit-Stand Desk can set upper and lower limits if you prefer a narrower range of motion.
  • You can even adjust the width of the desktop between 107.95 and 182.88 Centimeters 


  • Standing while working improves blood flow and can increase creativity!
  • The Tripp Lite is made with high quality steel and comes in a sleek grey, powder-coated finish to suit any space.
  • Holds up to 365 lb and assembles in under 30 minutes
  • Includes a 10-Foot power cable.

The Tripp Lite standing desk is the perfect compliment to any work space needing an upgrade, or a boost in ergonomics and fitness. Try combining the Sit-Stand Desk with our luxury Anti-Fatigue Mat to provide a stable and comfortable work experience.



  • Voltage Compatibility (VAC) 120
  •  Input Frequency 60Hz


  • Black

Unit Dimensions

  • Height: 59.69-124.46 cm (23.6" - 49" inch)
  • Width: 107.95-182.88 cm (42.5" - 72" inch)
  • Depth: 57.51 cm ( 22.64" inch)
  • 25 Kg Weight
  • 166 Kg Weight Capacity



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