Elite Standing Desk

The Elite Standing Desk is the answer to spending less time in your chair and more time feeling energized at work. This fully adjustable desk allows full customization with monitor arms, keyboard trays and more. With this desk you will be able to create a truly ergonomic work space whether you're sitting standing or walking! 3-D Lamination technology not only ensures that your desk color remains untarnished, but it creates a heavy duty surface to handle even the busiest of work desks.

  • Highly Durable.
  • Whisper quiet lifting and lowering.
  • 26"-50" height adjustment.
  • Solid and wood grain colors.
  • Allows chairs, stools, standing, and treadmills.
  • Compliments any work space.
  • Black and Silver base options.


The Elite Base

  • 265 lbs. Lifting Capacity.
  • 80 lbs. product weight.
  • Digital controller with 4 programmable positions.
  • Programmable "self stops" to ensure shelves and containers are undamaged.
  • Requires some form of outlet.

The Elite Table Top

  • 3-D Lamination.
  • Contoured Edging.
  • 1.125" Table Thickness.

  • Available Sizes:
    • 30" x 48" - 44 lbs.
    • 30" x 60" - 55 lbs.
    • 30" x 72" - 66 lbs.
    • 30" x 83" - 77 lbs.

  • Available Colors:
    • Woodgrains:
      • Light Maple
      • Almond Cherry
      • Hayward Cherry
      • Clove Mahogany
      • Shaker Cherry
      • Urban Walnut
    • Solids:
      • Designer White (frosty)
      • Warm White (beige)
      • Putty
      • Shark Gray
      • Black 


 Elite Standing Desk Color Palate

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