Everest Standing Desk

The next evolution in ergonomic design, the Everest is the ultimate workplace standing desks. The Everest Sit-Stand desk not only has the space for your working needs, but comes with a high quality, built in, adjustable keyboard tray. Most keyboard trays are designed to improve ergonomics and relieve stress on you wrists. However, when standing these trays often prove less than useful. The Everest adjustable keyboard tray can rotate -85 degrees to accommodate any height and wrist preference when using the Everest Desk. When combined with the Thermo GT Treadmill, or any of our leaning stools and monitor arms, this desk will satisfy even the pickiest of office designers. 

  • Raises and lowers electrically via easy to use controls under the desk.
  • You can program 4 preset heights for your desk.
  • 11 different colors between solid and wood grain material.
  • High durability for those with a fast paced work environment.
  • Pre-drilled for monitor stands and monitor arms.


  • 265 lbs.Rated Lifting Capacity.
  • Product Weight 80 lbs.
  • 1.5 inches per second travel Speed.
  • Noise Signature of approximately 42dB (Whisper quiet).
  • Digital control panel with four programmable memory positions.
  • 0.5 Watts Energy Consumption when on standby.
  • 168 Watts Energy Consumption when moving.

The EVEREST Table Top

  • Grommet diameter 3.0".
  • Fully 3-D laminated.
  • Table Thickness: 1.125".
  • Available Sizes (30" x 72"), (30" x 83"). 
  • Steady Type Keyboard Tray Dimensions 19.5" x 10.5" x 0.75".
  • Available Standard Colors (See color samples).

    • Wood-grains:
      • Light Maple
      • Almond Cherry
      • Hayward Cherry
      • Clove Mahogany
      • Shaker Cherry
      • Urban Walnut
    • Solids:
      • Designer White (frosty)
      • Warm White (beige)
      • Putty
      • Shark Gray
      • Black 

  • High Durability Material.
  • Recessed nuts for attaching base legs; also aids in disassembly for easy transporting of desk.
  • Pre-drilled for all other under-desk components, such as keyboard trays and hand controllers.

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