Garmin vivoki Activity Tracker

$79.99 CAD

Brand Garmin
SKU: 010-01291-00


The Garmin Vivoki Activity Tracker allows you to accurately track your movements throughout the day. By visually seeing your activity build up, you’ll feel motivated to be more and more active with each coming day. This model is ideal for corporate wellness programs or personal use alike, as it is easy to use, reliable and discreet. For those of you who don’t like something around your wrist but still wish to be conscious about the amount of activity you do per day, the Vivoki is the perfect solution. 


  • Motivates you to engage in more activity throughout the day by visually reminding you of your goals 
  • Small and discreet – can clip onto a belt loop or slip into a pocket 
  • Generates personalized goals based on your activity so that you can stick to a wellness routine that works for you 
  • Tracks step count, distance traveled, calories burned and exercise intensity 
  • Five LED lights on display to represent progress towards daily goal 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Wirelessly syncs to analysis site for simple data upload 
  • App compatibility with Garmin Connect so that you can view all your active data in one convenient place 
  • App allows you to engage in online challenges, share your progress with connected friends and view free training programs 
  • Includes Garmin Vivoki Activity Tracker, clothing clip and instruction manual