Ergotron Sit-Stand Keyboard Arm

This wall mounted keyboard from Ergotron is the perfect addition to a home or office space in need of more mobility and freedom from static desktops. With an elegant movement system, this keyboard arm effortlessly positions to your most comfortable typing method whether sitting or standing.

Using multiple pivot points, your keyboard and mouse can remain perfectly parallel to the floor or tilt forward to suit your typing preference. With the Ergotron Keyboard Arm, you can enjoy the best in comfort and ergonomics all day every day. Combine it with Fitneff's Sit-Stand Desks and Anti-Fatigue Mat to complete your work space.


  • Boasting a 20" (51 cm) range of motion, the Ergotron Keyboard Arm accommodates sitting, standing and everything in between. 
  •  Using a keyboard that can extend 42" (107 cm), you can customize your distance from the screen.
  • Mouse trays can slide out on both sides of the keyboard, and the tray apparatus folds up when not in use.
  • Excellent cable management, with cable routes under the arm.
  • Ideal for space management. The Keyboard Arm can fold to within 5.8" (15 cm) of the wall.


  • Width: 56.89 cm (22.39 inch)
  • Depth: 34.79 cm (13.70 inch)
  • Height: 19.81 cm (7.80 inch)

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