Standing Desk Conversion Kit with FootFidget

Turn your classroom desk into a standing desk. The Conversion Kit combines the benefits of standing and fidgeting, allowing students to move and channel their energy while improving attention and focus. Simply take off your desk’s old leg extensions, put on the new, and attach the FootFidget® Footrest. 

The Standing Desk Conversion Kit with FootFidget includes classroom desk leg extensions and FootFidget® Footrest which includes clamps, clamp covers, medium resistance cords, and foam covered tube. Does NOT include stool.

 1" Diameter 19" Long Legs: Desks will realize heights between 31" and 36" depending on desk style.

1" Diameter 24" Long Legs: Desks will realize heights between 35"-41" depending on desk style.

7/8" Diameter 24" Long Legs: Desks will realize heights between 35"- 41" depending on desk style. 


Standing Desk Measuring Guide

  1. Remove leg extension from current desk. Measure the diameter. Is it 7/8” or 1”?
  2. Measure from the desktop to screw hole on stationary leg attached to desk. Match to Column A
  3. Measure student standing from elbow to floor. This is student’s correct desk height. Match to Column B or C on Chart.


Inches from Desktop
to Screw hole

19" extension
desk height range

24" extension
desk height range



29 1/2"to 35 1/2"



30 1/2" to 36 1/2"



31 1/2" to 37 1/2"


27 1/2" to 33 1/2"

32 1/2" to 38 1/2"


28 1/2" to 34 1/2"

33 1/2" to 39 1/2"


29 1/2" to 35 1/2"

34 1/2" to 40 1/2"


30 1/2" to 36 1/2"

35 1/2" to 41 1/2"

To Determine the Proper Stool Height for your student:

  • Have the student stand up straight.
  • Measure from the floor to the gluteal fold – this is the line where the thigh meets the buttocks.
  • This will be the proper stool height.

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