Thermo Tread GT Treadmill

The Thermo GT Office Treadmill is the gold standard for office fitness equipment. Geared for the office, not the gym, the Thermo GT is whisper quiet and offers a smooth ride and a touchscreen control system for superior control and comfort. Not only will this treadmill fit seamlessly into your work space, it will give you that added boost of energy and alertness that is often missing from classic work environments. Combine it with our sit stand desks for the ultimate office!


  • Controlled by LCD panel for easy use.
  • Quality padding ensures ergonomic comfort while you walk.
  • Built for walking speeds.
  • 147 Pounds.
  • Made for Sit-Stand desks.
  • Whisper Quiet to suit any office environment.


The ThermoTread GT Office Treadmill Base

  • 3.0 HP Motor. 
  • 4000 RPM.
  • Ultra-quiet Fan. 
  • 20" x 50" Walking Belt Area.
  • Under 5" Deck Height.  
  • 6 Compression Shocks.
  • Ultra-quiet 2.5mm rubber plus 2-ply fabric Belt
  • 0.5-2.5 mph Speed Range. Well above the average walking pace.
  • Operates at 42.7 dB, as quiet as a library
  • 400 lb user weight rating.
  • Non-scuffing aluminum side rails. 
  • 147 lbs Treadmill weight.
  • Dimensions: 67.5" x 28.35" x 9.5" 
  • Boxed Dimensions: 72.6" x 33" x 12.4"
  • Lubrication Easy-lift belt, no-mess lubrication takes 1 minute
  • Voltage 120V / 60hz / 15 Amp circuit.
  • Pulls max of 7 amp in weights exceeding 300 lbs at max speed.
  • More typical current draw: 1amp to 2.5amp.

The ThermoTread GT Desktop Console

  • High resolution, touch-screen LCD. 
  • USB port for easy download of future software upgrades.
  • Reports distance, speed, time, calories burned, and step count
  • Display Capabilities with Optional iMovR CloudStation 
  • Single-touch mode change from sitting to standing to walking
  • Keeps detailed usage data so you can map your improvements
  • Lubrication sensing and maintenance alerts
  • Maintains Leaderboards to hone your competitive edge.
  • Maintains 100% connectivity to the iMovr cloud through WiFi to monitor machine performance and download user preferences as well as advanced software features.
  • Weight 1.75 lbs.
  • Dimensions:7.25"x 4.125" x 6"

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