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The adjustable kneeling chair: Place your knees on, in front of, between or beside the shin pads to vary your sitting angle and posture, and find the ideal balance point for your body. Have you noticed that all of the seats on our kneel chairs lean downward? This tilts the pelvis forward and puts the spine in the same position as when you are standing. This means no pressure on spinal discs and relief from shoulder and back tensions. Just remember to place your weight on your bottom when sitting, and on your shins when varying your positions. You’ll never want to go back to your old way of sitting.


Ideal solution for an active mind and a strong posture

  • Subtle activity strengthens core muscles and prevents back and shoulder tension.
  • The open posture enables deep breathing and with an open angle between upper and lower body circulation and oxygen supply is improved.
  • Variation is key: place your feet also in front, in between, next to and on the kneepads, whatever feels most comfortable – this ensures the utmost of movement and an even better circulation from tip to toe.  

    Designed for utmost of movement

    • Due to the runners, the chair follows your body movements.
    • When leaning forward to actively work, the pelvis tilts forwards which keeps the spine in its upright, dynamic posture and the body balanced.
    • When moving backward, the backrest offers support and invites to pleasant stretching during your long working hours. 
    • Weight 30 lbs
    • Dimensions 32 x 21 x 7.5 in
    • Colors: Blue


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