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Stand Up for Success in the Classroom

June 24, 2016

The benefits of breaking up long periods of sitting are important for adults and children alike. However, most schools are designed to have children sit for long periods of time. Fitneff is proud to be a part of the shift in the way children learn at school with the introduction of a line of desks and stools, in partnership with Stand2Learn. We spoke with Dr. Mark Benden to learn more about how ‘stand-biased’ desks are benefiting children as they learn.

A Writer's Guide to Staying Active

June 17, 2016

Every writer has a different creative process, but there is one thing most writers have in common, and that is too much sitting. Here are some simple tips to help writers maintain a healthier lifestyle and improve their craft. Read more!
5 Simple Stretches for a Nimble Back

June 09, 2016

At Fitneff, we are always delighted to hear about others who are working hard to keep people healthy. This week, we spoke with the co-founders of Nimbleback, who shared these 5 simple stretches to help ease back tension and minimize stress. Read more!

The SheEO Spotlight Series

June 07, 2016

From The SheEO Spotlight Series:  As for your relationship with SheEO, why are you are a member of the SheEO community?

SheEO is a movement that matters to me. I feel a sense of belonging to its community, and where I can meaningfully contribute to the organization. I am particularly inspired by Vicki Saunders, and absolutely support her and her endeavors, as well as those that join in the SheEO movement with her. I’m quite excited to see how SheEO will continue to grow globally and so that by 2020 we will have raised $1 billion for the organization. I like being a part of something different, and I also like sharing that bold outlook with strong women!

Product Feature - Integrate Desk Pedals

June 02, 2016

Can you can be active without sacrificing productivity? The IntegrateTM Desk Pedals are extremely effective at allowing us to do just that. Make otherwise sedentary time healthier by working leg muscles, engaging core muscles and burning calories.
The Importance of Being Outdoors

May 30, 2016

After a walk outdoors yesterday, I was able to return to my computer with a renewed sense of focus and vigour. I had such a productive afternoon. It turns out that spending time outdoors during the workday is good for us on so many levels. Here’s why!