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Start the School Year on the Right Foot

August 25, 2016

For many of us, September is a time of renewed energy and new beginnings. This is true especially for teachers and students who are about to start another new school year. Teachers now have new reason to feel encouraged about the year ahead thanks to new research and new equipment. The recent introduction of stand-biased desks, designed for the classroom, allows educators to incorporate movement into the school day in their classrooms as never before. Read more about why this is such exciting news!

Consumer Testimonial - Transform Your Work Life

August 18, 2016

Kerri Olson is like many others who spend their days working in an office. She enjoys her work, but found herself feeling rather stiff and sore after long hours seated at her desk. Kerry decided to get a new sit-stand desk from Fitneff and began to feel the benefits of her new desk immediately. Read and hear more about Kerri's amazing story.
Laughter and A Sense of Humor - Healthy Medicine for the Mind and Body

August 03, 2016

Laughter is healthy medicine.  Nothing works faster at bringing balance back to the mind and body then a good laugh.  Humor lightens our burdens, connects us to others, brings hope, keeps us grounded and provides us the ability to heal and renew our spirit.  I know without question that laughter is good for the soul and I have also discovered that during the difficult moments in my life that laughter mixed with tears can heal the soul.
An Interview with Ron Bettin

July 28, 2016

Ron Bettin, CEO and Co-founder of Fitneff is passionate about enabling people to be more active and healthy in the workplace, and he truly walks the talk. Ron uses a variety of different Fitneff products throughout his workday, and he’s experiencing the benefits first hand. Learn more, and watch two short videos to hear Ron explain it for himself.

The Workplace is Shifting

July 15, 2016

Harvey Schachter says that "we can thank millennials for pushing work cultures towards true flexibility." The past few years have given Ron Bettin a unique perspective on this shift and he is seeing a positive change to the way business, institutions and individuals are approaching work. Find out more about how the workplace is shifting.
How Much Exercise is Helpful for a Good Night's Sleep?

July 11, 2016

How much daily exercise is helpful for a good night's sleep? Fitneff asked Aaron Arkin of Evolution Sleep. Here, Aaron explains.