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An Interview with Ron Bettin

July 28, 2016

Ron Bettin, CEO and Co-founder of Fitneff is passionate about enabling people to be more active and healthy in the workplace, and he truly walks the talk. Ron uses a variety of different Fitneff products throughout his workday, and he’s experiencing the benefits first hand. Learn more, and watch two short videos to hear Ron explain it for himself.

The Workplace is Shifting

July 15, 2016

Harvey Schachter says that "we can thank millennials for pushing work cultures towards true flexibility." The past few years have given Ron Bettin a unique perspective on this shift and he is seeing a positive change to the way business, institutions and individuals are approaching work. Find out more about how the workplace is shifting.
How Much Exercise is Helpful for a Good Night's Sleep?

July 11, 2016

How much daily exercise is helpful for a good night's sleep? Fitneff asked Aaron Arkin of Evolution Sleep. Here, Aaron explains.
How Daytime Activity Affects Sleep

July 06, 2016

It is intuitive that a good night's sleep is important to our well-being during the day. However, how to get a good night's sleep is not always so clear. I was very pleased to speak recently with Aaron Arkin of Evolution Sleep. Aaron shared some very important information about how the way we spend our time during the day can affect our sleep at night.
Stand Up for Success in the Classroom

June 24, 2016

The benefits of breaking up long periods of sitting are important for adults and children alike. However, most schools are designed to have children sit for long periods of time. Fitneff is proud to be a part of the shift in the way children learn at school with the introduction of a line of desks and stools, in partnership with Stand2Learn. We spoke with Dr. Mark Benden to learn more about how ‘stand-biased’ desks are benefiting children as they learn.

A Writer's Guide to Staying Active

June 17, 2016

Every writer has a different creative process, but there is one thing most writers have in common, and that is too much sitting. Here are some simple tips to help writers maintain a healthier lifestyle and improve their craft. Read more!