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Classroom Standing Desks

Stand up for Education with Standing Desks in the Classroom.


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WalkTop™ News

Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

December 02, 2016

This is a difficult time of year for our physical and mental health, not to mention the waistline. Family dinners, holiday parties and open houses characterize the diet-busting month between November 25 and December 25. To make matters worse, for most of us, the time in between eating and drinking events is usually spent at our desks working, or behind a computer screen helping Santa out with a little online shopping. So, how do we combat the assault on our well-being over the holiday season? Janine Dilger explains.
Grade 6 Class Gives Standing Desks a Try

December 01, 2016

Coming soon.
Companies Embrace Wellness with Innovation and Fun

November 17, 2016

It seems that most of us understand the need to be more healthy about the way we work. The concept of “workplace wellness” is one that organizations are embracing, and the mere existence of HR departments dedicated to employee well-being is a true sign of the times. There are so many creative ways that companies are promoting and encouraging wellness in the workplace. This article contains some truly innovative and amazing examples. Read more!
3 Simple Steps to Tackling an Issue

November 11, 2016

Occasionally, in our lives, and in our careers, we meet a roadblock. We find ourselves in a downward spiral. We face writer’s block. We hit a wall. These kinds of challenges may be addressed in an afternoon, or they may take years to overcome. Whether our issue is large or small, there are steps we can take to improve our situation, and to get ourselves back on the right track. Read more!
Staying Active While Building His Career

November 04, 2016

When he started his MBA, Mike Byrom of Calgary, AB found himself sitting at the office for long hours each day, and then going home in the evening and sitting again while studying for hours. Happily, Mike found a solution for this conundrum. He heard about the WalkTopTM Treadmill Desk, which is designed to fit onto any treadmill. He is now able to walk while he works at home in the evenings. Here is his story!
Self Care for Muscle Tension and Back Pain

October 12, 2016

People are the machines of the workplace.  As with actual machines, our bodies work best when we participate in regular preventative maintenance to keep things working properly. Employees who experience back pain and tension are likely to seek out the services of chiropractors and massage therapists for relief and, for good reason. However, there are things that can be done by individuals to care for themselves. Read more.